Frequently Asked Questions( FAQ'S)


Question: What is the first step ?

Answer: Call for a free consultation (631) 283-3033


Question: Do you check references/conduct background checks?

Answer: All companions’ complete pre-employment screening that includes criminal background check


Question: Are the companions bonded and insured?

Answer: Companions are bonded, insured and fully covered by workers compensation


Question: What happen if my companion cannot make it to work.

Answer: She/he will notify the agency and a family member.


Question: What hours can I reach Baylin?

Answer: 24hrs 7 days a week


Billing Questions

Question: How does the companion get paid?

Answer: Companion gets paid directly by us.


Question: How do I pay for services?

Answer: Services are billed and paid for on a weekly basis. 

•ACH allows for direct debit from checking account 

•We accept Master Card, Visa,  and Discover Card


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